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Sam Johansen

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Frankie the Scout is ran by Sam Johansen. He believes in encouraging others around him to become better than what they were yesterday. As a photographer he has dwelled in the video production area and has set a goal for the next 6 months to cover as much of the U.S., documenting the lives of the average person to then create a docu-series showcasing that we as individuals are more alike than we think. A look inside someone’s life for an hour and we can branch out of our close knit friends circle and discover who and what lies around the corner, outside of the city, in the neighboring state, or on opposite sides of the country. We can learn from each other. We can empower each other. We can cry over stories together. Laugh when appropriate, and share the goodness of those we’ve discovered. If you want to join him on an adventure, contact him via phone 303-802-9125. He is also willing to help teach newcomers the skills he has learned at MSU Denver.



Neighbors S1 E1 “Kejo” Producer-Sam Johansen x Director- Kejo Smith Neighbors S1 E2 “Laura” Producer-Sam Johansen x Director - Adam Laura


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